8 steps to rebuild a relationship after infidelity


8 steps to rebuild a relationship after infidelity

How can you overcome infidelity in your relationship, if that is what you want? The sex experts Athens escorts answer!

His infidelity is a fact! In fact, all you want to do is pin your high heels in his eyes, bring the toaster to his head, or push him in front of a car.

But what if deep down you wish, hope or feel the need to find a way to overcome this (let’s say) unfortunate moment and to be together again? Escorts, reveal what is the right strategy to heal the wound caused by infidelity in your relationship and to continue (or not) your life together.

Follow their 8 steps to rebuilt a relationship after infidelity!

1. Ask what you want to know

At first you may feel that you need to know every creepy detail. How often did he meet her? When exactly did they cross the fine line between friends and lovers? Where did they have sex? How many times? Never? How much money did he spend for escort in Athens?

Who else knows about their relationship? Gradually, your interest will turn more to your partner’s feelings and all this technical information is not as important as the reasons that led him to make this relationship even if there was something that was missing from yours and made him look for it elsewhere. No matter what stage you are at, you have every right to know, so ask as many questions as you want.

2. Try to control your anger

You want to shout, cry, scream, but the strong expression of your feelings will prevent your partner from making all the revelations that are necessary if you want to overcome this crisis. If you really want to know the truth – and gain a stronger relationship with him through this ordeal – you must also show sympathy for his own feelings.

In order to make him really open towards you, he should not feel bad that every time you attack him with a new series of accusations. Otherwise, he will be afraid (rightly so) that any new information he gives you will simply provoke a new marathon of accusations and threats.

At any time you feel that either one or the other can not handle the situation calmly, you should stop the conversation to continue it when you are calm.

3. Set a time limit on how much you will discuss the “illegal” relationship

Set aside in advance that you will not have, for example, 20 or 30 minutes to say what needs to be said on the subject. The reason is that you should not let what happened occupy your thoughts and life. However, during this time do not hesitate to ask exactly what you want to know, so as not to leave pending that can become the background on which your insecurity will be based in the future.

Do not be surprised if your partner expresses anger at you or accuses you of infidelity. The best thing to do is to keep focusing on the other relationship itself.

4. Talk about how you feel

Undoubtedly, this infidelity development has affected the way you think and feel. You probably feel frustrated, betrayed, angry and sad. Externalizing these feelings helps to open a window into your relationship to get closer, while at the same time helping to build a wall between him and the “other” or escorts call girls.

5. Do not rush to give remission of sins

It is necessary to go through pain and anger in order to be able to rebuild the trust between you. Do not try to skip these stages and easily reach “nothing-happened“.

6. Ask for support

Your friends, family, and even a psychotherapy team will help you not to feel like you are going through this ordeal alone.

7. Spend time together without talking about it

Remember what it is like to be friends, companions and lovers again, doing things you always enjoyed together.

8. Forgive his infidelity (but only when you feel ready to do it)

Do not fool yourself, you will never forget the fact that he cheated on you with another girl or an escort in greece. But these painful memories will fade over time. Forgiveness will allow you to reconcile with your partner again. You will feel ready to take this step and leave behind the negative emotions when you find that he is completely honest with you and you can trust him again.

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