Armenia Tours – 10 Fantastic Places to Visit – Travel and Leisure

Armenia Tours - 10 Fantastic Places to Visit - Travel and Leisure

Yerevan – Armenia with mountains in the background

Although Armenia is a deemed tourist destination, this jewel journey along the border of Asia and Europe calls for public attention. Its landscape, magnificent mountains and centuries-old religious traditions are enough to visit this country.

If you want to know that Armenia’s natural and cultural sights are the most influential, then keep reading. Here is a list of 10 great places to see in Armenia.

1. Yerevan

Many travelers arrive or exit Armenia from the capital Yerevan, but the city is more than just a jumping off point for other fascinating destinations. The heart is located in Republic Square, the most important civic place in Yerevan. From a bench, you can enjoy early 20th century architecture built with orange tuff stone. 


One of the foreign-looking buildings houses the History Museum and the National Gallery of Armenia. These two will give you a proper introduction to Armenia. Learn more about the country and its history at the Armenian Genocide Museum, a spectacular exhibit about these tragic events in the early 1900s. The city of Yerevan Cascade and the majestic Mount Arrowroot are an ideal view to watch the sunset.

2. Khor Virup

Of all the ancient monasteries in Armenia, Khor Veerap has the most breathtaking scenes. This sacred site is located to the west of Armenia and offers spectacular views of Mount Aratte (about 5137 m) and the valley. The complex time dates back to 180 BCE, but a fad became made when Armenia accepted Christianity in the year 301 as a state religion. 

Ancient Armenian church-Khor Virap with moutains in the background

There is much to discover in the monastery itself; Grand chapels, monks’ chambers and even dungeons before the Khor Virapas became monasteries. You can take a taxi or direct service bus from the center of Yerevan to Khor Virap. This journey takes about one hour.

3. Aargat Mountains

Mount Aragat is actually an iconic mountain in Armenia. At 4090 meters, it is the highest peak in the country and a dream destination for enthusiasts. Mount Aragats has 4 bumpy peaks, and all can be reached on foot, though it requires hiking experience and good footwear. The views of Snowfield and Armenia’s dry plains are more than surprising.

The-Amberd fortress and church

Along the way to the mountain from Yerevan, it recommended taking a break at the Amberd Fort. Although the original palace was built in the 7th century, the current ruins were built in the 13th century, after devastating invasions. The ruins of this ancient citadel, the 11th-century church, and the deep ghats to the west in an important view.

4. Dilijan

Dilijan makes you think you were catapulted back to Soviet times; Attractive Lada cars can be seen everywhere, as well as traditional workshops in wooden houses. This, coupled with the mountainous landscape and forests, makes this city an attractive getaway in Armenia.


Head to Lake Parz for an untouched walk surrounded by greenery. Especially during autumn, when the leaves are glowing red and orange, this is an excellent place to stretch the legs. See masters of handicrafts at work in my studio along Myasnikyan Street. Here they make jewelery, wooden toys and paintings.

When you drive outside the city for 30 minutes, you will stumble upon the beautiful Hagartsin Monastery, a medieval complex surrounded by lush pine forests.

5. Lake Seven

Seven Lake is the largest lake in Armenia, and even in the entire Caucasus region. With 1242 square kilometers, it makes up about 4 percent of the total size of the country. The main attraction of the Seven Lakes is the Sevenvank Monastery, which is situated on the northwest coast of this vast valley. The complex dates back to the 800s and is situated in a picturesque location with a view over the lake and the mighty snow-capped peaks in the background.

Lake Sevan and the Sevanavank Monastery

When you can hire a boat to explore Lake Seven or take a stroll on one of the many beaches. For those after a hike consider climbing up to Mount Artanish. Here you can enjoy the best scenery possible.

6. Gegird Math

The Gigard Monastery is one of the most important monuments in Armenia, with a UNESCO World Heritage List for more than 1600 years of history and cultural significance. Gegaard Monastery is situated in deep valleys, surrounded by tall rocks. A part of the monastery is cut from the rocks and contains tombs, ancient carvings, art and religious symbols.

Geghard Monastery-Armenia

Inside the main chapel, the sacred atmosphere is sacred; Footsteps are all you can hear, and only the light from the windows and candles lit by visitors is daylight. The Gegaard complex has many pillars, Armenian cross-stones depicting the Christian cross and other religious and typical Armenian symbols.

7. Garni Temple

Another outstanding example of Armenia’s ancient architecture and cultural performance is the Garni Temple which is located 30 kilometers east of Yerevan. The construction of this pre-pagan temple is estimated to be in the second century BCE. Its Greco-Roman style makes the Garni Temple in Armenia unique, and undoubtedly reminds travelers of the Greek Acropolis.

The Temple of Garni-Armenia

Apart from its unique position and superb design, it is also worth stopping by Garni for nature. The pagan pagoda has streams flowing through the hills and valley. Although you get to know the landscape from the temple itself, it is rewarding to walk downstream and get closer to the rock walls.

8. Khandzhorsek

In terms of background, the centuries-old cave village of Khandzhorsek is one of the most stunning in the country. This township, bordering Azerbaijan, is built on a hill slope and consists of natural and man-made caves. 

Khndzoresk-Swinging Bridge and Old Cave Village in Armenia

Contrary to its almost prehistoric gesture, Khondzorsk was inhabited even by the 1950s. You can scout through the caves and – if you dare – cross the suspension bridge built from the gorge into Khondzores. The construction is 160 meters away and presents daredevils with stunning expanses above the valley and cave village.

9. Actmiadzin Cathedral

Etchmiadzin Cathedral is located 20 km from the heart of Yerevan in the city of Vagharshapat. The church is the mother church of the Armenian Apostolic Church and is considered the oldest church in the world. Construction was finished in 303, only two years after Armenia accepted Christianity as the state religion.

Holy Etchmiadzin church near Yerevan

There is spellbinding on the inner walls and vaulted ceilings, as well as impressive altars. A public bus service connects Yerevan and Wagarshapat, making it easy to try for a short visit to the church. You can enter Etchmiadzin for free.

10. Norwank Gorge

The Norwank gorge perfectly presents the natural and cultural treasures near Armenia. Orange rock formations, flora and rare animals such as the Persian leopard do best this valley with an unmatched appeal. In the gorge, you will also find the attractive Norwank monastery. 

Noravank Monastery

With reddish-yellow rocks in the background, it rivals even the 12th-century Abbey Khor Virap when it comes to scenic scenery.


If you are interested in culture and also want to spend a good part of your journey in stunning nature, then Armenia is an excellent option.

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