How to become necessary to him


How to become necessary to him

It does not take many moves to make him believe that you are the one and only for him. You do not even have to try too hard or change everything on you. Just realize that just three steps are enough to convince even the most hardcore single guy that his life would have no meaning without you.

“Wake up” method

It is like opening a hidden switch of erotic interest in his mind by penetrating his brain. This can include many sub-categories and adventures but we are going to explore the 3 steps to become necessary to him.

Step # 1- Discovering Your Purpose

With specific phrases and actions, you create a veil of mystery around your personality. Who are you really? Who are you related to? Which men do you like? How do you spend your free time? Which cocktail do you like? The method dictates that you do not let the other person know much about you except a little at a time. So you sit down from the first time you go out and tell him everything about you? It’s wrong. The phase is to constantly cultivate his curiosity for him to discover you.

# 2nd step – Investment

Are you the good and willing girl who thinks that she will apply to the boy all the old-fashioned principles of customer service and he will be moved? Where will he give it all and he will respond with kindness? Unfortunately, the infallible method states the exact opposite. With slight indifference we urge the other to invest his time and energy to have us by his side. We do not work for the relationship – at least obviously – but we signal that he must work hard – if he wants results.

Step # 3- Discovering Your Purpose

The final shot comes with the feeling of uncertainty that digs deep into the soul of even the most seemingly indifferent boy and makes him feel “out of control”. That is, you will be the girl that no one can control you. (This is a passe-partout principle that every woman should apply anyway). Autonomous, independent, dynamic with a strong personality that can not be conquered.

As long as a boy feels that he is in control of you, that he has you, that is, he loses his initial enthusiasm and enters an “off position”. Do not leave him the space to make you feel empowered. On the contrary, you are the one to empower him.

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