SEO tips for a successful site

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SEO tips for a successful site

Want to make your website more successful and attract traffic to it? It is hard to work with SEO, especially if you’re not educated on it, but there are many ways that you can improve the performance of your site. In this article with me to give you SEO tips for a successful site that are not very hard and can be followed by anyone.

Generate External Links

The World Wide Web is designed based on hyperlinks, and this is how it still works today. By linking your website to others, you are essentially contributing to the development of the Internet. If you link to the “right” websites, then this can significantly improve your ranking. By linking to quality websites that help your visitors, you can improve your reputation with users and search engines. This can lead to more inbound links in the long run.

Take another look at this post and note how many times we have used external links. Did you find it useful? If you link your site to poor quality websites, users may think that your own website is bad as well. Google and other search engines do not want to reward these sites. A site where quality external links have been used, automatically becomes more valid. See Wikipedia as a typical example. Contains reports to validate what it says, and raise authority.

Be active with Social Media profiles

One question that SEO enthusiasts often discuss is how much social media influences results in Google search engine rankings. The likes, shares, views or retweets that people make on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media, show that your company is the subject of discussion. For 2018 and after this huge explosion of social media, Google will give even more weight. SEO Tip: Proper management of social media can greatly help your ranking. So this is another reason to take social media seriously.

Loading Speed ​​

Have you ever visited a website, which takes 10, 20, maybe 30 seconds to load? I would dare to guess, that several of these times, you gave up and just looked elsewhere. This is a fairly common reaction. Would you risk this happening on your own site? No need! Get started with your web-hosting. Is it slow? Replace it with a faster one. It does not have to cost your hair, but your users to be able to browse your page much more smoothly.

Is your site mobile friendly?

It goes without saying that your website should be mobile friendly. If not, put this post on your bookmarks, make it mobile friendly and come back here after you are done !!!
If your page is already, then ask yourself… is it as mobile friendly as it could be? If not, bookmark this post as well, make the necessary improvements and come back here.

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