Thengal Manor – Heritage of North East – Travel and Leisure

Thengal Manor - Heritage of North East - Travel and Leisure

About Jorhat, Assam, India: Jorhat is one of the main cities of Assam. It serves as the main gateway to Upper Assam and to the state of Nagaland. It has been a sanctum for most historical monuments of Assamese culture and is also considered the last capital of the Ahom rulers. To the north of the said district, the Brahmaputra River, Majuli, forms the world’s largest coastline island, covering an area of ​​924.6 square kilometers with a population of about 150,000. The current state of the island is being threatened by continued erosion by the powerful and unstable Brahmaputra River. It was the principal place of pilgrimage of Vaishnavas since the age of the Ahom rulers. Several types of Sattra (monasteries) for the medieval period lead to hostile teachings of the Vaishnava religion, introduced by Srimanta Sankardev (1449–1568). Each sattras contains an indefinite wealth of Vaishnavite sacred wealth and extensive revenue-free land cultivated by the devotees (celebated monks) of the Satras. The cultural diversity that existed in Jorhat almost a millennium ago inspired people to engage in cultural activities through the decades and, as a result, Jorhat has been able to create many creative and authentic writers, musicians, actors, historians, and journalists. In other words, the place is also known as the “Edifying and Enriching capital of Assam”.

Credit: Heritage North East-Thengal Manor

The majestic mansion in Jorhat, built-in 1929, is written in the chronicles of history because on 12 August 1935, the first daily newspaper in the Assamese language, Dainik Batori was launched from here.

Thengal Manor gives you the unique pleasure of grace living in the lap of nature. There are four double deluxe rooms and one single superior room, all with attached dressing rooms and bathrooms. It provides fireplaces in all bedrooms, drawing-rooms, and dining rooms.

Thengal Manor
Credit: Heritage North East – Thengal Manor Aisle

You can also witness and feel the atmosphere of colonial days as you relax in period furniture and decorations. The feeling of déja vu pervades when you discover that it was from the lifestyle of leading Indian businessmen.

Thengal Manor
Credit: Heritage North East – Lobby at Thengal Manor

The experience between the sights and sounds of the typical Assamese village of Jalukonibari from this Regal Haveli. Peep into the homes of metal-working artisans and master weavers, whose finest work may never be seen before your eyes except in this village.

Thengal Manor - Heritage of North East - Travel and Leisure
Credit: Heritage North East – Thengal Manor
Laughter and music that is unique to this part of the world, you have to taste. Thengal House was built in the year 1929 by Rai Bahadur Shiv Prasad Baruah. It was meant to accommodate two brothers, Shiv Prasad Baruah and Shashi Prasad Baruah, and their families in the joint family set-up. At a time when both brothers lived there with their families, about 100 people used to come for lunch and dinner every day, with many people coming to stay as guests. 

Thengal Manor
Credit: Heritage North East – Bedroom of Thengal Manor

In 1943, the building was damaged by a severe earthquake, when the house had to be temporarily abandoned for repairs. After the building was repaired, families began living in the house until 1950, when the largest earthquake in the North East so far severely damaged the structure. The house was abandoned and members of both families moved to Kolkata, Jorhat city, and tea gardens. For 13 years, the property was left unused between 1950 and 1963. 

Thengal Manor
Credit: Heritage North East – Lawn at Thengal Manor

The house was not in use until the repair work was undertaken by Mr. H.P Barooah by which time, ancestral properties had been partitioned, and fell to Mr. Barooah’s share in favor of his family. Although the house was repaired in 1965, there was no one living in the house as in the meantime Mr. Barooah built his own house – Villa Club Road in Jorhat city. Several approaches were made by the public to convert this house into a museum, or hospital, or library, or college, etc., But the family realized that this house is only meant for residential purpose, and did not lend itself for conversion into a Museum, Hospital, Library, College, etc.

1. Round the Clock Room Service

2. Information about tour plans and personal tour guides

3. Swimming pool and a baby pool

4. Television in all suits with Digital Satellite Service (DTH) connected all around

5. Indoor Games – Carrom, Chess, Chinese Checkers, Scrabble, Solitaire, Computer Video Games

6. Croquet

7. Catching fish

8. Hot and Cold Water – Hot and Cold Water / Shower Running for 24 Hours

9. AC room

10. Parking space available

11. Facilities at extra cost

12. Airport Pick-up & Drop

13. Tea Visit – Witnessing tea leave in the factory and manufacture of tea, followed by tea tasting suggestions.

14. Cycling

15. Tour guide services.

16. Conference facility with LCD projector, OHP, whiteboard, screen, etc.

17. Telephone – for STD and ISD calls at cost

18. Laundry

19. Doctor on call

20. Indian, Continental and Chinese dishes were served. Also specially prepared traditional Northeast food.

How to reach: The nearest airport is Rowriah Airport is located at Rowriah, 7 Kilometres South-West of Jorhat city, Assam, India.

If you get a chance to visit North East, do not missout to visit this ecstatic place where you can enjoy the slushy green, witnessing the amid nature. The visit is totally ideal for a family trip where they can enjoy the serene picturesque and have the best family time with each other. It’s a definite visit for a good holiday treat.

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